" C’mon, join us visiting and enjoying the beauty of Indonesia, to the places with magnificent scenery and memorable moment.
Should you have customized plan for schedule, destination or package, we are more than happy to support you in developing the plan and accompany for the event.

Adventure In Indonesia On Our Documentations

Yes, Indonesia is a land of adventure!

You’ll never run out of opportunities for adventure and cultural interaction in Indonesia: Mountains. Volcanoes. Cliffs. Rain forests. Jungles. Sand sea. Lakes. Rivers. Waterfalls. Caves. Coral reefs. Beaches. Waves. Wind. Wildlife. 485 ethnic groups. 700 local language. Ancient buildings. Cuisines. Woven. Sculpture. Dance. Music. All spread on this huge archipelagic country, lying on the Equator with the spans of 5,120 kilometers from east to west and 1,760 kilometers from north to south, brings the total to about 7.9 million square kilometers.

Indonesia is a true choose-your-own-adventure activities. Hiking, Trekking. Mountain Biking. Rock climbing. Rappelling. Rafting. Motor Boating. Kayaking. Canoeing. Tubing. Canyoning. Caving. Off-road. Touring. Cycling. Fishing. Diving. Snorkeling. Surfing. Para sailing. Para gliding. Sky diving. Even adventure junkies could not do those all!

As an Indonesian adventure guide, we do what we can do in making Indonesia adventure tourism grow up. Keep our clients safe, secure and happy while they are enjoying the moments.

Here are some of our documentation doing adventure in Indonesia and surrounding, just click it !

Testimonies For Adventure In Indonesia

…and thank you to Dody Adventure not only for introducing and welcoming me to the most awesome group of hikers, but also arranging and organizing  the whole trip to become the most enjoyable and fun adventure. I crave of hiking already and I can’t think of any other better Operator besides them.

Cheers and much love :))) <3

Dana, Director of Finance. Living in Bali.

Now, I know why I have paid an expensive hiking trip with Dody Adventure. They provide best guidance for newbies.. and most important thing is, motivate me to do summit. Sand track of Semeru is actually too hard for newbies like me, but patiently they guide me and pushed me to the limit. Yes, I have stepped in Mahameru, the peak of Semeru, 3,676 masl, 16th June 2014. Without them, I would stop at that steep and fierce sand track.

Melany, Fund Consultant. Living in New Zealand.

We want to thank you for the excellent preparation and organization of our Mount Tambora trip. The porters and guide did an excellent job in making it an unforgettable experience. Your guide is so knowledgeable not only about mountains and Indonesia, and handled all our wishes in excellent way. Also we enjoyed his English skills very much. And finally: we reached the crater and summit for sunrise – in our second attempt after 25 years !

Konrad & Johanna & Luis, Family. Living in Germany.