" We offer you to the nice and unforgettable adventure destinations in Indonesia
Or simply tell your adventurous plan and let us make it happened for you.
Extreme adventure journey and expedition in Indonesia are also available,
please contact us for detail discussion and trip support. "

Costumized Program

Adventure Trip

This is more than a vacation, it fills stunning contrasts: spontaneous and purposeful, intimate and communal, raw and rich. We could arrange a single or combination of some adventure activities in Indonesia which is different with our common adventure trip. Yet not to mention the duration, level of difficulty, risks and facilities. They would make you feel tired and dirty but very much alive!

Company Event

The world trend is saying that vigorous companies spends more for its employee to go out together, both formal and informal. It could be a kick-off meeting, incentive travelling, team building, sports, success celebration and, of course, the combine ones ! It is a way to build strong bonding relation between employee, to create simplicity to go to one direction and for sure to appreciate them.

Student Field Trip

This is a journey to a place away from their normal environment, enriching their real life experiences usually becomes the main purpose. Outdoor activities is the effective way in engage with the nature, local people and culture. They could build themselves with better communication and cooperation, creative problem solving, confidence level and to extend comfort zones to expand their potential.

Family Event and Trip

In this mobile age when families might be fragmented by daily activities and distracted by devices, then only a vacation getaway brings family members closer. Today’s family adventure travels provide anything from private lodges to guided rafting tours or even camping under the stars. It offers escape from the pressures and challenges of daily life; a moment to focus on the family and to make an experience the one a family will talk about for years.

Culture Journey and Festivals

This kind of trip is one of the most effective ways to learn and documenting original culture and nature, whoever you are, professors, dance artist or photographer. We would take you safely to explore the Indonesia rich cultures; a time to speak a bit of local language, tasting the food, interactions with origin tribe people, immense in the age-old rituals and to documenting what you see.

Our Services Sample on Video

Adventure Trip

Company Event

Student Field Trip

Family Event & Trip


We do understand that everyone wants something unique out of the trip or event to enrich their experience and insight. Using our knowledge and years of experience, we would help you to get the most of your journey or event, either you know want to go and to do or simply circled a vague area in Indonesia!

We are experts at crafting unique itineraries for individuals, families, groups and company. Based on our adventure DNA, we would add other ingredients such experiential learning activities, creative entertainments, cultures, food, documentation and other necessary things which would embrace safety, convenience, efficient and unforgettable moments.

Your trip or event could be fully hard adventure, family summer camp, birthday celebration, company outing, CSR arrangement, student field trip, culture expedition, documentary movie or any kind activity as long as it has adventure element in Indonesia.

Please contact us to start discussion and If we cannot add value to your trip or event plans in a meaningful way, we won’t take them on.