Combining our passion in adventure and management capabilities, we do business diversification and invite you for having joyous discussion with spirit to have righteous benefits for us.

Let’s explore, assess and have mutual partnership !

Consultation Service, Operation Management And Businees Venture

As part of vision and capabilities, Dody Adventure has also provided advancement of its common adventure services. These services are in addition to the unparalleled adventure trips and we believe it would be challenging and interesting as well.

Consultation Services

Using our years of experience and expertise, a consultation service is provided to you in helping to improve performance and primarily it be through analysis of situations and/or problems. Though most of research and analysis occurs at the office, we typically work at the site for at least some of the time to have better interaction and understanding. Our deliverable would be best practice recommendations and might be completed with methodologies or frameworks.
Since adventure is on our DNA, then our consultation services would be related with these kind of activities :
– Concept Development for adventure park, camping ground, natural resort, etc.
– Business assessment for new adventure facility
– Extreme adventure trip and/or expedition
– Research Expedition for forestry, volcano and culture
– Project Management for adventure spot/facility development and event
– Trainings related with survival, search and rescue and safety
– Requirements and Selection for outdoor and safety equipment

Operation Management

There are a lot of incredible spots in Indonesia that have not been managed and promoted professionally, even it is uncultivated. We believe our capabilities to market and/or operate a tourism spot could bring benefits for involved parties.
We provide operation management services for adventure park, camping ground to the expedition for adventure or research. Our service coverage starts from marketing concept to implementation, daily management from technical operation to accounting, and also providing necessary permits and supporting equipments.

Business Venture

For the last few years, Indonesia tourism industry keep growing and there are many business opportunities arise, not to mention the fact that Indonesia itself is a big market. With its natural beauty, rich culture heritage, unexplored areas, positive economic growth and number of people, Indonesia is the right place to look for business opportunities and have promising investments. From home stay to adventure trip service, all is growing and Indonesia is really a captive market.

With more than 18 years working experience in diverse industries, we have the skills, experiences, business connections and good understanding of Indonesia’s economics and geography. Combining with our passion in adventure journey, we expand our business coverage and open for partnerships. Either market coverage or investments, we are delightful in having business cooperation.

If you have your own business which could be adventure services, outdoor equipments or well known home stay or green concept resorts and want to expand your business then you should contact us for partnership in Indonesia.