Our Vision

To share our passion and experience in adventure and culture exploration by creating valuable travel programs that improve lives.

Our Mission

To provide travel program that is responsible to:
  • Environment
    By preserving the nature, culture, tourism infrastructure and the related communities.
  • Costumers
    By satisfying their needs through safe, secure, compfort, pleasant, unique and memorable experience
  • Associates
    By conducting business with respect and encouraging professional growth
  • Ourselves as Business Entity
    By Complying regulations and procedures, as well fulfilling our business goals.

As our commitment to provide excellence services, we are setting up some policies and guidelines as below:

Risk Management Policy

Harassment Policy

Child Protection Policy

Emergency Guidelines

Environment Preservation Policy

Inter Cultural Guidelines

Insurance Policy

Data Protection Policy


    Provide adventure travel program that respect and preserve to all of God creation, and care with safety and wealthy of our stakeholders.

    1. Respect and protect the natural sustainability, also to ensure minimal impact.
    2. Respect and preserve the indigenous culture that we travel through.
    3. Protect and contribute in maintain tourism infrastructure.
    4. Support local communities in the regions to which we travel.
    5. Strive to provide adventure travel that are as safe, secure, comfort, pleasant, unique and memorable as possible.
    6. Inform, prepare and remind customers about risks, local culture encounter and regulations.
    7. Enlighten and inspire customers by sharing our passion and giving them a thoughtful understanding of natural resources, culture, local wisdoms and adventure activities.
    8. Maintain professional integrity and be objective when there is a crisis, conflict or being criticized on tour.
    9. Respect customers thoughts and present a fair and balanced comments.
    10. Aware of physical, technical and experiential limitation and not to give over promised to customers, communities and business associates.
    11. Fulfill the requirements of regulations, procedures, standards that applicable to our adventure activities.
    12. Improve the understanding of employee and business associates about Dody Adventure’s vision, mission, code of ethics, code of conducts, policy, guidelines and procedures.
    13. Provide work environment that honest, equal and support professional growth.
    14. Proactively develop business opportunities that gives better lives.

~ The Founders ~

Dody Johanjaya

In Indonesia, he is known as the first producer of Jejak Petualang, the longest TV adventure show that has been broadcasting since 2002. During his career time as producer, Dody has made a lot of research for interesting destinations and had extensive traveling to many adventure spots. As a very rare occasion, even for Indonesian, he had been used as foster child of a Dayak’s tribe chief.

He starts his adventure activity since elementary school and become more extensive during his time in university. He has very wide coverage for adventure experience, starting from hiking, caving, rock climbing, mountain biking, on road cycling, motor touring and to underwater activities. He has climbed 4 of World 7 Summits, Carstensz Pyramid, Mt Kilimanjaro, Mt Elbrus and Mt Aconcagua. He is also the first Indonesia 7 Summiter who has completely climbed 7 peaks at 7 islands in Indonesia.

Back to 2006, he and his documentary team had been lost for 5 days in Arafuru sea which then. 10 years later, that experience has been written as fiction novel, Negeri Para Roh (The Land of Spirits). That experience also brought an insight that no human could resist to the power of mother nature, an awareness to safety when we are doing adventure activities. Last but not the least, Dody wants to share his experiences in enjoying adventure trips by offering you trips to the beautiful, spectacular and memorable places all over Indonesia.


He becomes an outdoor activity enthusiast since elementary school by doing camping and hiking. He seriously did rock climbing during college time and then do 4×4 wheel drive off road trips after he graduated. His consistency and deep experiences in outdoor life brings an efficient, unique and safe adventure trips for you.


Hiking and camping were his interests during his high school time and now travelling to interesting places over continents is, still, a moment that he would not like to miss. He also has big passions in developing entrepreneurship and to complete coverage, he has wide range of offers for cosy places or happening spots all over Indonesia.


He had 22 years as professionals in IT and Telecommunication industry but keeps his adventure passion since college time. Combining extensive education, management skills, adventure experiences and entrepreneur spirit, he would always provide the best quality in delivering valuable excitement for your trips.


Develop media marketing, web programming and internet marketing skills for years, he brings technological things to broaden our business coverage through cyber marketing plan and implementation. Beside spirit of travelling and entrepreneurship, he has also been doing mountain biking for years as his adventure activity.