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Let’s preparing you and your gears for exclusive Adventure  in Indonesia experience organized by Dody and Partners. We offer you luxurious and memorable Adventure Indonesia trip surrounding Indonesia !

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We categorized our trip into 3 groups :

Customized Program

Dody Adventure’s consultants would help you to design the trip or event and you have the flexibility to choose how it would be. We are experts at crafting unique itineraries for individuals, families and groups with multiple activities across Indonesia. If we cannot add value to your trip plan in a meaningful way, we won't take them on.

Package Trip and Tour

We provide pre-designed package and you just decide the date and fulfill the minimum stated number of participant. The hassles would be taken care, so you would have more time enjoying the sights and scenery, immerse yourself in the environment and get the experience of it.

Open Trip

One of the facilities in enjoying holiday and enrich your insight about Indonesia. All is set up and you just need to register ! When the minimum participants is reached, the trip would be run. We also set a maximum participants to keep our level our service.

Dody Adventure was established in 2012 by people who have passions in travelling, adventure activities, culture exploration and documentary. Based on our years of experience, skills and knowledge, we develop a wide range of trip packages and events that are unique, unforgettable and valuable for our customers.


These are the factors that differ us with any adventure trip operators in Indonesia.

From time to time, we are committed to providing an exceptional service experience to our customers, environment and other stakeholders. We strive to run our trip or event program with secure, safe and pleasant. Enacting Service Excellence differentiate us from others, it demonstrate our commitment for continuous improvement and exceptional experience for all.

This could be achieved by ensuring that us, our crews, policy and procedure are aligned to help us work together to meet, hopefully exceed, the expectation of our customers.

Our years of experience in doing trip activities has created a rich library of activities (adventures, sports, culture, culinary, leisure and many more), spots and venue, transportation mode, accommodation, weather and local wisdoms.

And not to forget, the business networks ! It has important role to have success and competitive trip or event services.

“Cooking” or mixing the activities, spots, duration, number of participant, geographic and infrastructures with customer expectations and capabilities is one of our core competencies. It only could be owned through extensive experience, insight, studies and logical thinking.

Then, our services differentiation become customized program with rich variant, right dosage, safety and less hassles.

In supporting our commitments, from time to time we do briefings, trainings and coaching our crews to make them having knowledge, skill and insight that’s necessary in running the trip. We also develop our crews to be service excellence oriented, in which they need to be discipline, problem solver, versatile, pleasant, polite, helpful, flexible and mingle.

We choose carefully our business partners and when necessary we also coach them to have same ground in delivering the scope of works.

One of the key success is to have recognitions, both formal and informal, from the industry for our knowledge, skills, attitude, experiences, equipment, policy, system and procedure.

Certification, as a formal industry’s recognition, is a designation earned by a person or an entity to assure qualification to perform a task.

Currently, we have certification in mountain and eco-tourism guide from BNSP (The Indonesia’s National Board for Profession Certification).

Our Experience Statistics

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If heaven ever leaked, then the pieces of heaven certainly fell down in Indonesia

Indonesia is the tourism heaven for those who crave for enjoying natural beauty and diverse culture. Yes, millions of tourists surrender to its allure. Only has 2 seasons, it gets relatively warm sunshine throughout the year, with mountains, forest, rice fields, lush beaches fringed by turquoise-blue tropical waters, and mystical allure, Indonesia is, for many, a paradise on earth. Yet to mention, it is a home to more of 485 ethnic groups and the vibrant multi-ethnicity has enriched its heritage and traditions with fascinating customs, colorful festivals, deliciously unique cuisines and stunning architectures.

Due to its abundance of natural and cultural riches, it is a favorite holiday destination for adventure seekers and explorers, food connoisseurs, history buffs, those on a quest of self-discovery and leisure lovers.

Adventure in Indonesia Map

Indonesia is a huge archipelagic country lying on the Equator with the spans of 5,120 kilometers from east to west and 1,760 kilometers from north to south. It composed of some 17,500 islands and about 6,000 of which are inhabited. The Indonesia’s recognized territory, including the exclusive economic zone, brings the total to about 7.9 million square kilometers.

The Indonesian archipelago represents one of the most unusual areas in the world:

It is on the Pacific Ring of Fire, the most active seismic region in the world. Indonesia itself has approximately 125 active volcanoes.

Lying between the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean, it is the heart of Coral Triangle with the world’s greatest diversity of marine life.

It is also a zoological demarcation between Asian and Australian flora and fauna.

It has for millennia served as a nexus of the peoples and cultures of Oceania and mainland Asia.

Those factors have created a highly diverse environment and society that sometimes seem united only by susceptibility to seismic and volcanic activity, close proximity to the sea, and a moist, tropical climate. Nevertheless, a centralized government and a common language have provided Indonesia with some sense of unity.

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